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  • 98Th meeting of the ceda board of director , Thursday ,29 September 2016

98Th meeting of the ceda board of director , Thursday ,29 September 2016



-        The 98th Meeting of the Ceda was held in a good atmosphere, the chair opened the meeting and welcomed all present. He pointed out that this was his first board meeting.

Minutes has been accorded to talk about the previous meeting and check the review of action points and then discussing the global point:

      Strategy Commission : Recommendation from the Ceda Board want to hear from you

1-      Background : the Ceda Board wants to hear from you

The result from the corporate member survey have been evaluated by the Strategy Commision and a report with actions has been written. The main conclusions:

-        Two subjects that should get more attention Specifically came out: Contracts and river dredging.

-        Input from biologists would benefit the CEC.

-        More effort should be put into communication ; regular properly formatted



2-     Strengthening communications :

Decision Sheet 51/97/2016 is submitted by the Strategy Commision. It is considered that Ceda’s communicatios need support from a professional communications expert. There’s no discussion about the contents of the decision sheet that CEDA  should draw on the support of external communication expert.

A new communications framework should be developed in order to pursue continuity in our (near) future communications.

 It was agreed to hire a professional communications expert for a one year trial period for the scope as described in Decision Sheet 51/97/2016.

3-     Setting up Dredging Management Commission :

The board responded positively to Decision  sheet 54/97/2016 which proposes to set up a new CEDA commission on management of dredging. It was one of the outcomes of our recent corporate member survey that contractual matters and management of dredging design and operations desires more attention. It will be also an opportunity to attract more involvement from ports and authorities.

 It was agreed that the installation of new CEDA commission management of dredged material responds to the demand from member companies. Terms to reference to be drafted to investigate further tasks, composition and viability of this commission

4-     Task Group on Contracts

Specifically Contractors expressed interest on this subject. Contracts is a board subject and should be framed further. Suggested is to include it in the terms of reference for the Dredging Management Commission

Draft financial results of the year 2015

1-     Draft Balance sheet

The draft balance sheet was reviewed. Figures for Yound CEDA need to be verified.

2-     Finances of UK Section

WS explains the financial situation of the UK and the requested raising of their annual budget section using Decision Sheet 52/97/2016. Positive observations are that non-members were invited to recent events and that the subscription included a 1 year CEDA member ships.

It was agreed to raise the annual budget of the UK section excluding the cost for the Christmas reception and the proposed 10% contingency.


FB Reports that there is a lot of momentum in the commission with several activities ongoing, as reported in his input for this board meeting. Not included in the CEC written report are the following point, actions


Positive feedback came from the corporate member survey about the idea for a scientific magazine.


1-     Evaluation of dredging days 2015

Young ceda looks back on a successful contribution to the dredging days 2015. The pitch talk session was welcomed by several people and the presence of young professionals and students was noticed. An evaluation has been drafted with DO’s and DON’ts for next events.

As an alternative to the pitch talk session,it is suggested to facilitate presentations and/or soap box sessions on the exhibition floor.


 -Annual Report  2015

The draft annual report 2015 was discussed:

-        The cover image will be replaced.

-        The company list is outdated.

-        The list with commissions and their members is not finished yet.

-        AC invites board members to provide comments on the draft report

 Ceda dredging DAYS

Ceda Dredging days 2017

Based on the corporate member survey, it was discussed that the conference should cover subjects on river and inland dredging, contracts, dredging management, environment and climate change

It was agreed that the subject for the CEDA dredging days 2017 is Dredging for sustainable infrastructure, similar to the book currently in preparation by the CEC.

European Dredging Summit series

These conferences have been discussed as that CEDA does not wish to get involved . it was noticed that the EuDA is mentioned as one of the organizations supporting this event.

At the middle of the day a departure to the sand mining site visit has been programmed. And at the end of the day a dinner was held .


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